2012.11.03: Show: }hexdump{ live audio-visual installation at Halloween Industrial Fest, Club X, Providence RI

Artists included REFORMED FACTION, RAPOON, Operation:Mindwipe, Xiphoid Dementia, Corephallism, DJ Arcanus, DEAD VOICES ON AIR, Not Breathing, Controlled Bleeding, TERRORFAKT, Author and Punisher, Brian Kane, Darryl Hell, David Linton, DJ Brad Rhodes, DJ Peter Lee, Mark Hosler of NEGATIVLAND, Otto von Schirach, Cervello Elettronico, Prometheus Burning, Compactor, Raab Codec, Pine Tree State Mind Control, The Vomit Arsonist, Audio.Slab & Dave Fischer, Smoke Meow, DJ dev/null, DJ Jenova Complex, DVJ Deftly-D and The Retinal Exploitation Cooperative.

2011.06.03: Show: "ink2skin2canvas: The Art of Tattoo" opening reception, S.P.A.C.E. Gallery, Burlington VT

audio-visual installation performed using only samples taken from a tattooing session.

2011.02.11: Show: Off Center for the Dramatic Arts, Burlington VT

"}hexdump{: transmutation" performance, with Gabriel Night and Tyrant

2011.01.27: Album: "Protocol Analysis Volume One"

CD/digital, 21 songs

2010.04.15: Show: Radio Bean, Burlington VT

terrorizing the hippies

2010.04.10: Show: Ordnance II @ Mos Eisely Studio, Everett MA

with DJ W35 and the Ordnance drummers... would have also been with T-Faktor, but the cops shut the show down during our set.

2010.03.07: Show: Radio Bean, Burlington VT

Never play without a soundcheck

2010.01.09: Podcast: "the }hexdump{ protocol"

First edition of biweekly podcast hosted at http://www.thehexdumpprotocol.com

2009.11.22: Show: WZBC-FM 90.3, Boston MA

Live performance on "Return of the High Voltage Circumcision Show" program

1997.10.08: Song: "United States of Production" (remixed by Aggrochik)

for Catastrophe Records' Glory of Destruction compilation

1997.06.29: Song: "Neurobyte, Inc." remix

for Big Heavy World Records' "Sonic Bionic" compilation

1996.12.15: Show: 242 Main, Burlington VT

with Toxic Erection and Chainsaws and Children

1996.11.25: Song: }hexdump{ vs. the international shadow government remix

for Alterculture's Subversion Compilation II

1996.10.31: Show: Goddard College, Plainfield VT

with Jesus Nut, Separate Society and Last in Line

1996.08.30: Radio: WJUL-FM, Lowell MA

Live on "High Volt Live" program with Zero Times Infinity, Digital Apocalypse, Electro Organic Sound System

1996.06.23: Show: 242 Main, Burlington VT

Rape Crisis Center Benefit Show with Abstinence, Syntax Error, Last In Line, Nein Creed, Lipslide and Starlight Conspiracy

1996.05.15: Song: "Zen Kitchen"

for Good Citizen Records' "Burlington Does Burlington" compilation

1996.03.27: Album: "Nybble"

Cassette tape, 10 songs

1995.12.09: Show: 242 Main, Burlington VT

with Crocodile Shop, DJ Psychotrope and the Emperor

1995.10.31: Show: Goddard College, Plainfield VT

with a broken PA and a malfunctioning smoke machine

1995.09.29: Show: Last Elm Cafe, Burlington VT

"Reclaiming the Circuit" show with Starfish

1995.08.31: Show: Last Elm Cafe, Burlington VT

with Dirtbombs, Last in Line and The Cleavers

1995.08.17: Radio: WRUV-FM, Burlington VT

Live on local music program "Exposure"

1995.07.10: Show: 242 Main, Burlington VT

Vegan Barbecue with Ant Bee, Jesus Nut, Twelve Times Over and guests

1995.06.15: Show: Last Elm Cafe, Burlington VT

with Sleep Crash

1995.05.22: TV: Studio 8 Uncensored, South Burlington VT

2 song set recorded in Adelphia Studios for cable broadcast

1995.04.10: Show: Club Toast, Burlington VT

with Institute of Technology, Abstinence, DJ Downlode and DJ Rob Psychotrope

1995.03.19: Demo: "Unit"

Cassette tape, 4 songs