2013.04.12: }hexdump{ live audio-visual installation for opening of BCA: "User Required" gallery exhibition

}hexdump{ will be performing a live audio-visual installation at the opening reception of Burlington City Arts' "User Required" gallery exhibition.

}hexdump{ will also be showcasing their interactive artifact "aegis" as part of this exhibition. More information about the aegis project is available here.

The "User Required" gallery exhibition will be held at the Firehouse Gallery, located at 135 Church Street in Burlington VT.

2013.01.05: Three years of "the }hexdump{ protocol" podcast

Oozing with newness. Check out the latest edition of "the }hexdump{ protocol" here!

2012.11.03: }hexdump{ live audio-visual installation at Halloween Industrial Fest

}hexdump{ will be among over 30 artists performing over 3 days.

Artists include REFORMED FACTION, RAPOON, Operation:Mindwipe, Xiphoid Dementia, Corephallism, DJ Arcanus, DEAD VOICES ON AIR, Not Breathing, Controlled Bleeding, TERRORFAKT, Author and Punisher, Cenotype, Tonikom, Brian Kane, Darryl Hell, David Linton, DJ Brad Rhodes, DJ Peter Lee, Mark Hosler of NEGATIVLAND, Otto von Schirach, Cervello Elettronico, Prometheus Burning, Theologian, Compactor, Raab Codec, Pine Tree State Mind Control, The Vomit Arsonist, Audio.Slab & Dave Fischer, Smoke Meow, Timeheater & Overthruster, DJ Dev/Null, DJ Jenova Complex, DVJ Deftly-D and The Retinal Exploitation Cooperative.

The Halloween Industrial Fest will be held at Club Gallery, which is located at 681 Valley Street in Providence, Rhode Island. Tickets are available here.

2012.01.05: "the }hexdump{ protocol" podcast turns two

Latest edition of "the }hexdump{ protocol" here!

2011.06.03: }hexdump{ live audio-visual installation at the "ink2skin2canvas: The Art of Tattoo" opening reception

}hexdump{ will be performing a live audio-visual installation at the "ink2skin2canvas: The Art of Tattoo" opening reception. The primary components of this performance will be manipulated and re-engineered sounds/visuals collected during recordings of local artists executing the tattooing process.

As the art and technology of the tattoo has evolved over the past few decades, so too have the artists behind the ink. The tattoo has become more than mere flesh decoration; it is now an industry inspiring collective works by respected names. ink2skin2canvas assembles the region's finest artists to wield a needle, and displays their equal prowess in operating a paintbrush.

Works by the following artists will be shown:

  • Jim DuVal (Yankee Tattoo, Burlington VT)
  • Andrew Stortz (Body Art, Plattsburgh NY)
  • Aaron Reil (Jade Lotus, Burlington VT)
  • Anthony Audy (Yankee Tattoo, Burlington VT)
  • Lila Rees (Rock City Tattoo, Barre VT)
  • Liz Dye (Yankee Tattoo, Burlington VT)
  • Jason Tooth (Yankee Tattoo, Burlington VT)
  • Devin Wood (Jade Lotus, Burlington VT)
  • Sarah Vogelsang (Burlington VT)
  • Kevin Montanaro (Burlington VT)

The S.P.A.C.E. Gallery is located at 266 Pine Street Suite 105 in Burlington, Vermont USA. Opening reception on Friday, June 3rd, 2011 from 6pm-9pm EST.

2011.02.11:}hexdump{: transmutation art performance to be held at Off Center for the Dramatic Arts in Burlington Vermont on February 11th, 2011.

"}hexdump{: transmutation" is an experimental art performance installation that examines the meaning of alchemy in a digital context and the multiple impacts it has on the human species in today's world. Utilizing sound, light, video and interactive rituals, this event promises a unique experience for audience members on both individual and collective levels.

In addition to multiple sets by }hexdump{, the evening will feature musical selections from Gabriel Night (Insurrection), Tyrant (Insurrection) and ATRS\3 (in his Burlington debut!)

}hexdump{ will also be releasing a special, handmade limited-edition physical media artifact for the album "protocol analysis volume one" during the evening of this event.

The Off Center for the Dramatic Arts is located at 294 North Winooski Avenue in Burlington, VT. Admission $5; doors open at 7pm.

2011.01.27: New }hexdump{ album "Protocol Analysis Volume One" available for download!

protocol analysis volume one

The new }hexdump{ album is here!

2011.01.05: }hexdump{ celebrates one year of "the }hexdump{ protocol" podcast

We've been releasing between 25 and 40 minutes of new music every two weeks for an entire solar cycle! Check out the latest edition of "the }hexdump{ protocol" here!

2011.01.01: hexdump.us relaunched.

You're looking at it, bucko.